Providing innovative automated manufacturing and quality control systems for manufacturers in Florida and beyond


Accelerate the growth and scaling of startup through enterprise businesses utilizing RTP's customer-centric approach to deliver high-quality design, manufacturing, and industrial automation services.

At the heart of RTP is our advanced machine shop, which externally services our industry-diverse clients' most complex low volume jobs and internally provides RTP with the capabilities to offer rapid and cost-effective solutions to our customers.


RTP is a design and manufacturing company specializing in custom automation machinery, 3D CAD design, and software programming for Control Systems and Analytics.

We are a collaborative forward-thinking team of engineers, creatives, and innovators that believe in a meticulous attention to detail (M.A.D.) We have over 40 years of diverse industry experience in Aerospace, Medical Device, and Plastics, and provide solutions for many of Florida’s most well-respected companies.

We develop and manufacture application-specific automation machinery, produce 3D CAD for product design, and program software for control systems and analytics.

Through our commitment to innovation and quality, combined with our nimble proactive approach, we provide our clients with solutions designed to maximize yield, maximize throughput, and minimize touch-labor. We believe that repeatable automation increases profit, decreases operating expenses, and ultimately leads to growth.


We are unlike other design and manufacturing companies due to our 3 step approach; listen, innovate, execute. Our diverse backgrounds, respected collaborative team environment, agile processes, and nimble facility help us stay on time, on spec, and on budget.

  • Step 1: Listen

    We pride ourselves on a meticulous attention to detail. To us, it is all about our client’s success, when they win, we win. Through active listening to our clients needs, we are able to fully understand the project requirements.

  • Step 2: Innovate

    We are always looking forward, and utilize our great vendor relationships to gain access to the latest technology, and implement it when it makes sense.  We test and review constantly to ensure success.

  • Step 3: Execute

    We have a zero margin for error which minimizes rework and limits liability. Each of our team members provides exceptional value and by collaborating on a higher level we refine each other through our diverse backgrounds.

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Our goal is to deliver a flawless product that maximizes yields and throughput, while minimizing touch-labor. This is achieved through active client listening, a proactive and innovative approach, and agile processes that leverage both technology and experience.


By helping to automate labor-intensive and costly processes, our manufactured custom solutions allow companies to engage in industry-specific activities.

We help increase profits by minimizing yield rejects, decrease operating expenses that stimulate growth, and expand accessibility into new markets by freeing up the workforce which can be retrained and reused to focus on new revenue streams.

Companies can then focus on core competencies, revenue-generating activities, and forward-thinking growth in their current market and new potential markets that they can now gain access to through defined, repeatable automation and custom manufacturing.

  • Increase Profits

    By minimizing rejects and maximizing client-accepted outputs (yield), we ensure our clients meet their manufacturing quotas and timelines in the most cost efficient manner.

  • Decrease Operating Expenses

    Through repeatable automation, we help to reduce rejects caused by human activities which eliminates re-work, production error, and increased labor expenses.

  • Expand Accessibility

    We help companies expand their accessibility into new markets by freeing up the workforce which can be retrained and reused to focus on new revenue streams.

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Advanced Solutions For Our Customers

Design & Build Custom Automation Machinery Tailored to Your Specific Application

3D CAD Design Services Utilizing Latest Software

Programming, Controls System and Analytical Software Development


This is a small sampling of our past projects.  Contact us for a meeting to learn more about our past experiences! We have binders full of project descriptions along with pictures, going back 30+ years!

Fire Extinguisher Leak Tester


Fire extinguisher shells coming from the welding station are robotically handled into one of eight test stations where they are pressurized with helium under vacuum and a mass spectrometer used to determine leak rate,   shells that pass are conveyed to the next station on the line

Portable Solar Generator


This Consumer Product was designed in Solidworks and utilized 3D printing to construct the prototype.  It was featured in an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

Injection Molded Hair Comb and Lift Pin Insert System

Assembly Automation

Formerly, molded combs and lifts were manually loaded into fixtures, pins manually loaded, and cycle start buttons actuated to press the pins to depth.  This machine automates these processes.

Large Format Battery Electrolyte Filling Line

3D Rendering

RTP has a long history of developing automated battery manufacturing systems for a variety of different battery technologies,  and are experts in fluid processing systems

Kidney Dialysis Filter Bundle End Drier Line

Assembly Automation

The Dialysis filters are mounted on a turntable with a 50 horsepower vacuum blower pulling hot air through the bundle to dry them.  After drying, end caps are ultrasonically welded and a final pressure decay leak check is performed as an inspection.

Hair Brush Bristle Dip and UV Cure Manufacturing Line

Process Automation

Hair brush assemblies with bristles are dipped into a colored solution, then brought through a UV curing tunnel to coat the bristle tips for a smooth finish.

High Speed Feeding and Inspection System for Lancets

QC Inspection

Lancets must be inspected for the presence of Cannula.  Absence of Cannula will be automatically rejected.  Throughput 200 ppm.


40 years of diverse industry experience

RTP Systems Inc.

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